Kindness towards all living beings and love for the land informs each decision we make at Kind Fibers and the Kind Fibers Sheep Sanctuary. Not only do we take great pride in our natural approach to farming and land stewardship, we take pride in hand crafting amazing salves, soaps, and other luxury spa items featuring herbs, vegetables, and flowers grown right here on our farm.


What We Do

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We produce small batch, hand crafted soaps and luxury bath items from sustainable, cruelty free ingredients, and farm fresh herbs, vegetables, flowers, and fruits according to what is in season. We currently offer soap, bath bombs, and salves.

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In 2014 Moriah rescued her first sheep. In 2016 she decided to dedicate her barn to providing a home for sheep who were neglected and needed a permanent home without being bred, sold, or slaughtered. It was out of her love for the sheep Kind Fibers was born. We do sell the fleeces. The sheep are never bred, sold, or slaughtered. The sale of the wool is the main way we support the sanctuary.

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Kind Fibers is located at Serenity Cove Farm. On the farm we grow vegetables such as tomatoes, okra, carrots, and onions for our local markets. We do not use any commercial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or caustic fungicides.

Get to Know Us

Our Mission

Kind Fibers is the sheep sanctuary and retail branch of Serenity Cove Farm, a small woman owned farm on the Tennessee Kentucky border. We are dedicated to showing the world a model of agriculture that values animals as co-producers in not only growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers, but also in producing high end artisan crafted products directly from the farm to you, our customer.

We create handcrafted soaps, bath products, teas, syrups, jams, and other seasonal treats using ingredients grown at Serenity. Our Kind Fibers sanctuary contributes to the farm’s success through land management, organic fertilizer, and being the face of our sheep welfare educational programs for other small producers interested in creating a sustainable partnership with animals.

We believe that every life has value and that every soul deserves a second chance at a full life. To us, the best stewardship of the earth does not come by waging war with the natural world, but by being partners in peace with all of creation. To that end we have set aside half the farm for a wildlife preserve and choose to grow without pesticides, chemical or mined fertilizers, or any herbicides. It is our hope to become an example to other small farmers of what goodness happens when we lay aside ego and passionately pursue the Kind Fibers that weave themselves through every human story.

Please explore the website, read our blogs, explore our sister media sites, and if you choose, support us in this endeavor by visiting our Etsy shop. If you are local to Macon County, TN or in TN, please visit our sister site, Plain Good Produce, to find out about our culinary products currently available in Tennessee.

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