Enter the Stillness

When I was in grade school I found a book called Cowboy Wisdom. It was a collection of simple sayings. I read it one afternoon almost thirty years ago. One quote has stuck with me most of my life.

“Find a place you can enter the Stillness”

Over the busy decades packed with degrees, volunteering, businesses, farms, relationships, heartbreaks, triumphs, pain and joy I’ve clung to that saying. Somehow that simple phrase “enter the Stillness” called to me.

Whenever life became too hectic I’d stop and find a place to be still physically. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the beginning of my meditation practice. We often think of meditation as just becoming still. However, becoming still is the first step to the result that is meditation.

Some people find the stillness within even amongst the chaos. I am not one of those people. I engage in a formal meditation practice early in the day just to find some stillness. Others find nature the best medium or a sacred space. No matter the environment one goal remains – to become physically, mentally, and emotionally still. Once we enter into that Stillness something amazing occurs. The spirit takes flight into meditation.

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Published by Moriah Williams

Author, speaker, shepherdess, Earth Mamma, ordained minister, healer, fiber addict, sister, and daughter. It doesn't matter which title we wear. It only matters who we are underneath.

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