One Hour a Day Self Care: Physical Activity

Last Friday we explored gratitude as self care. This week we are moving on to Physical Activity as self care. I’m not going to bore you with all the information on why moving and exercise is good for us all physically. If you really want to read an article, click here. Instead, let’s focus on what type of activities easily fit into a self care routine. 


Call me old school, but I miss the days of education beginning with jumping jacks and crazy eights. Calisthenics use just the body to build muscles, increase flexibility, increase endurance, and get the heart pumping. Plus, they’re free and easy to learn. I may be a child of the seventies and eighties, but I still enjoy doing some Calisthenics a few times a month. 


Walking can be done indoor or outdoors. During fine weather a brisk walk around the neighborhood or down the driveway and back a few times works great. I started an indoor power walking program years ago and I still love it. Other than a new pair of tennis shoes every few years this is something that costs nothing. Plus, it’s easy to think, practice gratitude, recite affirmations or scripture, listen to an uplifting and inspirational message, or pray while walking. 


Jogging is very similar to walking for self care. However, it’s a little more strenuous and typically joggers and runners spend the majority of their self care time engaging in the physical aspect of self care. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The high gained from running and jogging feels great. Plus, it’s easy to turn off your brain and just inhabit your body. 


My cat lazily stretches out her body every morning upon walking. I mean she STRETCHES for several minutes while yawning. Being raised with cats I began mimicking their morning routines very young in life. It feels wonderful, and it can be done before even getting out of bed. I have a set routine that I do every morning. If you’re interested in learning a decent routine, check out this article over at Prevention


I’m a Sun Salutation Sister. I love my morning yoga. It energizes the body and quiets the mind. The feeling of a flow stretch first thing is a wonderful way to wake up in every way. Yoga is known to increase flexibility and strength, improve balance, promotes deep breathing, and has a documented positive effect on the mental body. 

It does not matter what physical activity you choose. Adding a short ten to fifteen minutes of movement to your morning self care routine, or having it be the dominate theme to your self care routine has positive effects on your entire being. We were made to engage in the physical world as much as we were made to engage in the higher dimensions. By bringing an aspect of physicality into your daily practice you bring a more balanced approach to your self care. 

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PS. – Always check with your doctor or health care provider before beginning a new exercise routine. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, nor in anyway should this information replace professional healthcare.



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