Thank You for your Labor

Forge the Future
man wearing gray shirt and welding mask covered in welding smokes
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Sweep Away the What Holds Us Back
Put out the Flames that threaten us all

         Keep Us Moving towards our Goals

Keep us Safe from Ourselves

Feed the Multitudes

Nourish Our Souls

three woman and man wearing apron
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And Lift Our Spirits

So often our society looks at the flashy glitz.
So often we ignore the ones who are nearly faceless and nameless.

Our founders knew your name –

The People

You are valuable. You are needed. You are this country. You make my life better and I hope one day I can make your life better, too. I believe ultimately we have the power to create a better world together though our every day lives.

Thank you, each and every person who works to keep our nation functioning.

Thank you.

Published by Moriah Williams

Author, speaker, shepherdess, Earth Mamma, ordained minister, healer, fiber addict, sister, and daughter. It doesn't matter which title we wear. It only matters who we are underneath.

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