September 2019 – 5 Books for Self Exploration and Books I Enjoyed Last Month

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This is a new type of post and a new addition to the blog’s monthly structure. Knowledge is power, and these books are powerfully thought provoking. These are great for thinking and journaling. In addition to the five books to check out this month are all the books I read this month along with September’s To Be Read list. If you enjoy the self help genre, read on!

Books for Self Exploration

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown: Basically this book teaches you how to be vulnerable without crossing boundaries while dealing with shame. I came across Brene several years ago on a Ted Talks. Brene is human, authentic in her approach, and facilitates healing by sharing her own heart and life. I LOVE her. Her books are life changing, especially for those of us who have been through abusive relationships and poor attachment when growing up. This is the book to read in bits and then reflect and write on. If you read no other book this entire year – this is the book!

There is No Messiah – And You’re It by Rabbi Robert N. Levine: I’ve read this book several times. Coming from a Jewish background this book really makes me rethink a main theme of Judaism, and even Christianity. I’m not advocating any religious belief or doctrine. I’m advocating a thinking exercise put forth in this book – the idea of no Messiah, no Messianic age and what does that mean for the redemption of the world (which is Judaism’s main theme). This book encouraged me to think through social justice, my personal responsibility to our society, and ultimately who I am in light of redemption both personally and collectively.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz: This is a short book, an easy read, and a powerful message. I’m not sure if I buy into “Toltec wisdom”, but I do agree that we have to write our own story in life and stop living to please everyone else. This book also deals with assumptions and how to stop taking other people’s actions and words as personal. I see this book recommended in many of my online groups by a wide range of people for a reason.

Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer: Anyone who has been around the self help and spiritual community for any length of time probably has heard about the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. I use to roll my eyes when my mother listened to him because “I don’t do fluff”. However, somewhere in my thirties I grew up enough to use my listening ears. I love the message that with God all things are possible – including you. This book uses the idea that we are not emotions, but we are awareness. By focusing our awareness and using our emotions instead of our emotions using us, we have the ability to bring ourselves into alignment with our most authentic self while creating a better life. This is one of my favorite Wayne Dyer videos. I watch it several times a month or when I need a pick me up on perspective.

Start Where You Are: A Journal by Meera Patel: This is a nice journal, especially for younger people. It’s pretty and has inspiring quotes. If feels fresh. If you’re struggling a little with your sense of self and purpose this journal can be an eye opener into how to move forward. It may not be considered as profound and deep by some people as the other books on this list, but my fifteen year old self could have benefited from a journal like this. It has good contemplative material that we could all revisit and grow by examining.

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Recently Read

Gratitude by Louis Hay: This is a quick and easy read one chapter a day over coffee or waiting in the queue. There are multiple authors and multiple perspectives on gratitude. However, at the end you feel like your heart has been cleared out and shined up with thankfulness and a closer connection to the Divine. At only $0.99 for the Kindle copy, it’s well worth reading.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu: This is an updated translation of the classic manual on how to conduct war. Wait? What? A war manual on a self help and self exploration list? Are you serious, Missy Moriah? Yes. I am absolutely serious. It was through reading this book years ago that I began to identify violence not as an act but as an attitude and thought process. When read in a contemplative and reflective way this book helps us to understand the thought process behind violence and recognize it on a social, cultural, and personal level – both in others and in ourselves. Asking the simple question at the end of chapter, “Do I see this type of action or thinking in myself, those around me, my culture, or my government?”, begins to open our eyes to the reality of violence in motives. The paperback version of the updated translation is nice enough for your personal library. However, the Kindle version is cheaper and well worth the four bucks.

Warrior Goddess Training by HeatherAsh Amara: This book was on my wish list for over three years. It seemed like I kept getting distracted from reading this jewel. The author is an Earth Based practitioner and I didn’t really connect with some of the exercises. However, when it comes to discussing connection with your inner Woman, your core identity, and living it out in an empowering way I took away some great insights. I plan to read some of HeatherAsh’s other books. I find her style personal and her insights helpful even if we don’t share the same religious views.

Currently in the Queue

  • Love Your Money, Love Yourself
  • Born Whole
  • Beyond Words
  • Radical Compassion
  • An Appeal by the Dali Lama
  • How to See in the Spirit

What are you reading? Do you have any treasures to share? Please comment.

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*I’ve read ALL these books. I’ve linked each title through our Amazon Affiliate. If you’re inclined to purchased a copy, please know that I receive a small commission. This helps to pay for the website and in no way costs you any extra money. Thank you!
*No Self-help book can replace counseling for serious life issues. This post in no way is to make a recommendation for your person situation. I read a large variety of books. The views and opinions of each author is theirs, not necessarily mine.

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