Control’s Perspective

I heard a quote several years ago.

You’ll never get it right and you’ll never get it done

I’m not sure who said this originally. However, that quote has stuck with me through many hard days.

On the surface it looks bleak. It sounds like a judgement, a put down. And frankly, if you are actively engaged in judging yourself and others everything sounds like a put down and a judgement. “I’ll never get it right, and I’ll never get it done. Why even try?” At some point we all have our inner Eyor speak up in a gloomy, glum way.

But with a change in perspective, a change in the vantage point, the quote becomes inspiring and freeing.

“You’ll never get it right” means that you’ve lost the need to control through perfectionism. A person’s singular philosophy, idea, speech, sermon, project, house, or whatever will never be perfectly “right”. That’s okay. To reach out for the mark is enough because individually, we are enough.

“You’ll never get it all done”. How many times do we try to kill ourselves getting done every single little detail to the point of insanity? This too is about control. Some things we just have to let go of holding onto the minor things so we can embrace the important things like Love, Trust, Joy, and Purpose. At some point we have to trust in something greater than our individual abilities to produce results.

For me, knowing I’ll never it get it all done and I’ll never get it right is freeing. Why? Why is the same quote for some defeating and for other it’s motivating?

Perspective and Control.

Perspective is our attitude and way of viewing the world. It is made up of our experiences, the influence of our family, religions, travel, and even our physical bodies. It is the lens for how we view the world.

Control, externally, is how we try to make the rest of the world fit into our perspective. We are programed to think we should always play happy family so we do our best to bribe, cajole, and control our children into inhabiting our ideal version of them.

We cross boundaries, create panic, disillusion, blame, and judgements. We injure in the name of love while refusing to accept others or ourselves. External control based on our dogmatic interpretation of our perspective is a dangerous and damning game for all who play. “You’ll never get it right and you’ll never get it done.” Can we all say a collective “OUCH” from that vantage point?

However, when we finally come to the place where we realize the illusion of Control’s Perspective we begin to let go of that illusion. Without attempting to control our lives externally we come to the only thing we can control in this life. Our thoughts, our acceptance of others, and our emotions. From there our perception changes.

“I’ll never get it right, and I’ll never get it done.” I’ll never get all of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, etc right. That’s okay. That’s why there is compassion and Grace. I’ll never complete everything on the to do list. I’ll never stop growing. I’ll always have something internally to work on or a challenge to face in life. That’s okay. That’s why we are here. That’s why there is Acceptance, Allowance, Kindness and Grace.

Published by Moriah Williams

Author, speaker, shepherdess, Earth Mamma, ordained minister, healer, fiber addict, sister, and daughter. It doesn't matter which title we wear. It only matters who we are underneath.

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