Unexpected Mending Project

My favorite jacket is a third hand handmade hand me down given to me by my dearest friend who happens to be Amish. I wear this jacket all fall, winter, and spring. It is the absolute workhorse of my cold weather farming clothes.

Around here we believe in repairing valued daily items and using them until they are worn to completion instead of replacing them. The value of THRIFT is one way we stretch our pennies. With these repairs my jacket just might last another 20 or so years.

This is a quick video showing some of the repairs. Learning to hand sew and mend is not a woman’s only skill. I learned my mending and sewing skills from my mother, grandmother, AND grandfather. If you don’t know how to mend your clothing I strongly encourage you to learn.

Have a marvelous day,

Moriah and the flock

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