Flash Flooding YouTube special

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We had out second major flood of the winter on the night of December 29th into the small hours of December 30th, 2019. As usual our driveway is gone. The flood waters laid our fences over in the front pastures. Thankfully we had no real damage to the rest of the farm. Our animals are out grazing. We are all healthy and have food to eat.

We haven’t been off the farm yet. We’ve had a few shouts across the creek with neighbors to find out how people on the other side of the creek faired. The road was flooded on both ends. I’m told that it was muddy. I’m also told our hay field filled in some. That’s definitely a plus for us.

One person who decided to drive across the flood waters had to be rescued. Y’all – turn around and don’t drown! Flooding is a serious danger. If you live in a low laying area, please make a flood escape plan for your family.

We are expecting more flooding over the next month. In the meantime we are making plans to lay in more supplies before the next big rains. We will begin repairs after the flood season is over.

A special thank you to Kayse and Alice for supporting us through purchases. You have provided the money for the sweet feed for the oxen and chicken feed this week. THANK YOU both for being so pleasant 💖.


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