Planting potatoes in Our Ruth Stout Bed

It’s finally warm enough to plant our potatoes!

Red Pontiac are my absolute favorite potatoes to grow and eat. This is my third year growing them in a Ruth Stout bed. I try to disturb the bed as little as possible. In a few days well add a shallow topping  of mulch to kill off any weeds trying to come up.

Since we have a real issue with wet ground and water moving through the property on a regular basis I plant our seed potatoes whole. It cuts down on rotting seed potatoes. In the past I’ve lost entire crops by cutting my seed potatoes,  even with allowing plenty of time for them to heal over. At our previous locations we had no issues with cutting up seed potatoes. I personally think cutting leads to a slightly larger harvest, but it’s not a neccessary process.

One of the reasons I like to use this method with the potatoes is that they have plenty of room to grow, plus harvest can be done by hand.

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