Staking up Corn After the Storm

Even here in Serenity Cove, nestled in Seven Springs Hollow between two high ridge lines lined with towering beech trees and ancient virgin oaks Cristobal took a toll. We had a minimal amount of downed limbs and items blown around. Our real issue is that the steady winds laid our corn down.

Now, you need to understand that this year’s corn has been hard fought from the beginning. Just getting corn seed this year was difficult for many people. Thankfully I ordered our corn seeds back in December from Baker Creek as soon as it was available. First, birds and mice ate HALF of my corn seeds in the trays. After it was transplanted into the garden a family of raccoons decided to invade and tear up my rows. I had managed to get some more seeds from Two Willies Nursery. The raccoons at all but twenty two out of TWO HUNDRED emerging seedlings. They now live elsewhere. My corn was finally up and looking good again when Cristobal added insult to injury.

Thankfully the Maze Murado is still months away from producing and our Atomic Orange was JUST beginning to tassel and silk. If the pollen had been out on the Atomic Orange it would have been a total loss other than feeding the stalks as a treat to the cattle.

In order to get my corn standing back up I put in fiber glass fencing rod at each end of the short rows. I used my handy stone aged tool to drive them in about eight inches. Then, I used twine to create a support.

I began at the TOP of the support because the post bend. That way, the lower twine support wouldn’t sag. I put my little support fence on the side that was leaning. Three rows of twine took care of the problem.

It’s been about a week since Cristobal breezed through our cove and our corn is standing up tall and proud again. The Atomic Orange is well into setting and I’m hoping to have enough seed from this test run to plant at least a four ounces next year if we like it for a popping and grits corn.

If you, too, find your corn laying down don’t give up hope. Watch my video and give standing your corn back up a try.

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