A Life Possessed, Not Owned

I do not own a car. I do have partial possession of one. I have known individuals who own an automobile, but that vehicle is possessed by the local impound. Without ownership I have the ability to use a valuable tool to bless myself and others. Yet, some people I know with ownership but not possession can not bless themselves or others with a similar tool.

So often we hear that we need to OWN a particular trait or job or position. However, I think ownership is weak compared to possession. Not everyone has the privilage of ownership, yet we know those who reap what they do not sow in fields they do not own while staying within the bounds of the law. How? Possession.

Ownership is a legal designation of who is LEGALLY responsible for an item. To Possess is to inhabit, to use, to have within your grasp and wield for your purpose – like picking up the groceries. There is a difference in those two things which recently struck my mind while walking across our front field. It is not enough to OWN our life. After all, do we truly OWN our ability to keep breathing or the next heartbeat? Or do we possess our breathe and inhabit each heartbeat? I personally think it is the latter.

For so long I believed in owning my life, my character, my talents, and my body. But walking across the field I realized I rarely possess my life, my character, my talents, or my body. Rarely do I use the amazing gifts bestowed upon me to bless myself and others. Rarely do I weild those things within my grasp to their full potential and power.

I have pondered that often over the past week as I worked in the garden and cleaning wool. Where does this paradigm shift lead? How do I possess this life I do not own? Where does this lead? How will I change? I have few answers at this time. But I have figured out one thing thus far – to possess my life is the next step in the path to true integrity and I am thankful.

Until next time,

Craft No Harm,

Moriah and the Flock

Published by Moriah Williams

Author, speaker, shepherdess, Earth Mamma, ordained minister, healer, fiber addict, sister, and daughter. It doesn't matter which title we wear. It only matters who we are underneath.

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