Be Careful Little Ears

“Oh, be careful little ears what you hear. Oh, be careful little ears what you hear. For the Father up above is looking down in love. Oh, be careful little ears what you hear. “

My grandmother use to sing me that song. One of my Old Order friends and I still enjoy singing it while we work together. The song has verses about eyes, lips, hands, and feet as well. It is a simple children’s song, but within it great wisdom abounds.

When I began studying other religions in school I came across something rather interesting. Every major religion and the New Age movement has this same basic teaching – be careful little ears what you hear. When a principle is universal even between conflicting spiritual practices we need to pay special attention.


Words carry the power to create worlds and to destroy lives. Many of us have experienced the difference between someone saying a kind word to us versus a harsh word. One can lift us from the depths of depression to give hope and a new lease on life. The other can plunge a child of this world so far under they drown emotionally and commit suicide.

We often focus on the words we speak. But before a child speaks, they hear. As adults before we speak “our” thoughts we have heard millions of ideas and messages repeatedly. Our little ears have been busy long before our big mouths engage. Many of us are not even aware of the process going on.

Years ago I removed my television and radio from my home so I could begin discovering my own thoughts and voice. Every song we hear, every commercial, every show carries with it a meaning and message that either uplifts or drags down. Once I removed the constant sound and began protecting my little ears something amazing happened. I began to grow in understanding and discernment concerning the messages I heard via media. Once I silenced other voices from occupying my mind I began to hear my own thoughts and know my own opinions. My heart’s voice became strong.

It’s so simple. Like a children’s song.

Be careful Little Ears what you hear.

Until next time,

Craft no harm,

Moriah and the Flock

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