Homesteaders Need a Day Off

Gd worked six days and the took a break. No matter if you believe in this story of creation or not, the fact that a rest day is built into an entire culture is pretty amazing.

However, on a Homestead or farm it’s very tempting to work seven days a week. Chores like feeding animals, raking yards, and dealing with emergencies still happen every Sunday. This morning we have a wet hay situation due to a storm blowing the tarp off the hay round. When I walk out to the barn I’ll see hundreds of little projects that want attention. After all, the farm and homestead NEED me.

Not today. I’m not cleaning the house, nor ironing, nor doing laundry, nor cooking, nor butchering, nor planning. I’m resting and doing things that bring me joy. I even slept in until five and then watched a few YouTube videos. It was glorious.

Over the years I’ve watched other Homesteaders burn out. I’ve burnt out. I’ve watched my neighbors work day in and day out without regard to their wellbeing. I’ve done the same. We become so involved in the constant work cycles that we forget that Gd took a day off. We love the land yet don’t reflect the One who created the land.

My Old Order neighbors who are renowned for their industrial attitudes and strong work ethic straighten me out one afternoon. I casually said that hard work never killed anyone. Uncle Enos looked at me intently. I’ll never forget what he said.

“That’s a lie. And there is no room for that lie in your life. I rebuke that lie from your life, Moriah. Now go and sin no more.”

Yeah. Stopped me cold. We talked about it more later. And I also talked with several of the married women about it as well.

It comes down to this – we were made to be stewards. We were made to love each other, ourselves, and the good land we were put on. When we make every waking moment about work we turn our backs on Love. We lose appreciation for beautiful days, laughing with our families, long letters to far away friends, and the peaceful moments that make life easier.

Homesteaders need a day off. Farmers need a day off. I need a day off. You need a day off.

So sleep in, do the minimum, enjoy your family and friends, spend some extra time giving thanks, and revel in the Love so graciously built into our lives.

Live Well,

Moriah and the Flock

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