Just Listed in the Shop – Peaches and Cream Soap

Our very first hand crafted soap is FINALLY ready!

Our Peaches and Cream Soap features our Goat’s Milk and Corn Silk directly from our small, woman owned, multi-generational farm in the foot hills of Tennessee. Ever since I made this soap I have craved peaches because this soap smells just like the freshly picked peaches from our neighbor’s orchard. It makes me feel like a perfect summer evening sitting outside on the porch and enjoying the last light after a satisfying day while enjoying one of my favorite fruits. The soap has a wonderful silky feel and beautiful lather. It leaves my skin feeling clean without being dry.

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Our little milk goat Alice supplies the milk for our soap currently. She is my pet as well as the family milk provider. Her babies live with her and I only milk her after she has weaned them so it does not tax her or interfere with their supper. Alice has kids every few years when her production drops significantly and then she is given a long break while her sister Cora takes over the milking parlor. Our does are fed well and produce wonderful milk that nourishes the skin and creates a beautiful lather in our soaps. Their “husband”, Rocket, lives here full time as well and loves being part of the sheep flock.

All of our soaps also feature our farm fresh corn silk. This adds such a wonderful silky slip to our soap. The corn, like everything else on our farm, is grown without using pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Our philosophy in farming is to work with nature in peace instead of warring against our greatest asset for life.

I chose coconut oil as the base for our soap to give it a decent hardness. The Olive, castor, sunflower oils, and Shea butter keep it from over drying the skin.

The bars are hand cut and weigh between 4.8 and 5 ounces.

I started growing the corn for this a YEAR AGO! I’m so excited to be able to offer a little piece of Serenity Cove to the larger world.

That’s all the announcements for now.

Have a marvelous day,

Moriah and the flock

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