Mini’s 2021 fleece is currently available

Mini’s 2021 fleece was just shorn today. It is GORGEOUS.

Breed – Merino,  Romney, Jacob and Mystery

Staple  – 4 to 5 inches

Color  – mostly very light grey/lilac with lighter and darker spots

Fineness  – softer than Jacob and Romney but not as fine as Merino. Good for scarves and hats, but not baby soft – awesome sweater wool

Texture  – small but shallow crimping. Merino type clumping and some merino type fuzzies on the tips without felting. Other tips are more like Jacob.

Best approach to spinning  – semi worsted and woolen.

Washing guide  – Loads of hot water like a typical Merino. This girl is higher lanolin.

VM  – Dominant wool is low VM.
However, the spine/neck is Medium in VM. It’s mostly little stuff that needs to be flicked out. Be prepared to put in a little effort on the Neck/spine wool – but it is worth the extra effort 

Introducing Mini Bào Bào! Otherwise known as Minerva.

This little girl has a ton of wool for her tiny frame, and it’s beautiful. We know a little about her breed background. She is similar to working shetland on the combs – not smooth at all. This wool works best as woolen or spin either as flicked locks in the fold or cloud. The woolen I did was my favorite test. Even spun at sock weight it was SQUISHY! I see her wool as a wonderful sweater or cowl.

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