Springing up: This Week at Kind Fibers March 14-20

It was a good, full week on the homestead. The Earth began her magical transformation from a drab and barren pallor to green and vibrant robes adorned with yellow, purple, and blue flower gems. Even the sky adorned her with an azure crystalline crown.

Even with the green coming up we are still feeding hay to the cattle. We have taken to tying them at haying to prevent pushing. Life is much quieter.

Our sheep have been wandering far with the grass. I have been doing my border collie impression.

I’ve spent more time outdoors with the sheep and goats. Jodi, our smallest kid likes to be carried around and I have indulged her this week.

Our first plantings in the garden are beginning to show. Last year’s kale, chard, lettuce, and beet plants are growing. That means FRESH food!

The main attraction this week was the beginning of shearing season.

Daisy was shorn easily. Mini was a different story. She frustrates easily. This is only her fourth shearing. Last year she broke shears and handed out injuries. So, I feel like we ALL did well this year. She needs to have her head in a lap and her head stroked the entire time.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our lives this past week.

Moriah and The Flock

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