What to Plant in Your Tennessee Garden in June

It’s a foggy mid-May morning here at Serenity. Yesterday I worked in the garden planting more zinnias, marigolds, chard, and my mystery seedlings that turned out to flax. I also picked snow peas, harvested greens off young beets and carrots, snagged a few clover blossoms, peppermint for a relaxing foot bath after shearing this morning,Continue reading “What to Plant in Your Tennessee Garden in June”

Pros and Cons of Dairy Goats on a Small Farm or Homestead

In 2018, I brought home two Nigerian Dwarf Goat doelings that I named Cora and Alice, after the female characters in Last of the Mohicans. At the time, I was dealing with allergies to wheat, legumes, nuts, and soy, all of which are common nonmeat protein sources. Additionally, I later discovered that I’m allergic toContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Dairy Goats on a Small Farm or Homestead”

A Traditional Skills Life

This morning I got up and drank coffee. I used sorghum from my friend’s sorghum mill to sweeten it and fresh goat’s milk from my own flock that I pasteurized on the stovetop last night. For breakfast I ate rice with greens from our garden cooked in home made chicken broth with a side ofContinue reading “A Traditional Skills Life”

Rounding up Loose Cattle – Surprise Adventure!

I absolutely adore our little Kine of Cattle. However, sometimes they are a handful! Yesterday afternoon was one of those days when the grass was greener on the other side. Profit and June found a loose strand of wire and took off without Asset. He was NOT happy, but he helped me fix the fence.Continue reading “Rounding up Loose Cattle – Surprise Adventure!”

Bloom Where you are Planted – The Platitude I Love and Hate as a Domestic Abuse Survivor

Trigger warning. I will be discussing Domestic Violence and miscarriage due to violence. . To watch the TikTok – follow click here. The first time I heard the phrase “Bloom where you are planted” I was in an abusive marriage. It was my “counselor” who told me that phrase. This was the worst piece ofContinue reading “Bloom Where you are Planted – The Platitude I Love and Hate as a Domestic Abuse Survivor”

What To Plant In a Survival/Victory Garden

This garden will provide the bulk of our food for the year. If you are new to gardening or you are new to growing food for survival in uncertain time then this post is for you. This is how we decide what to grow to feed ourselves.

Rainy Day Chores: Vlogtober 3, 2021

It’s a wet mess outside. I’m well as pleased with the rain, though, because we need it. Here’s a small peek into what chores are like on a rainy day.

Blogtober 1, 2021: A Quiet Evening

The last days of summer and first days of autumn are melting into each other as the leaves fall off the trees. Most of the summer I have spent the evenings fighting Asset to treat his allergy eyes. Yes. My might ox suffers from hay fever. As the pollen wanes he has recovered and weContinue reading “Blogtober 1, 2021: A Quiet Evening”