The Most Important Two Questions I Ever Asked Myself as a Woman Homesteader

It’s no secret to anyone who homesteads that a traditional skills lifestyle can be challenging. Winter, spring, summer or fall there are chores to do, livestock and plants to tend, and housework that seems to never end. It can be exhausting and overwhelming. Sometimes that exhaustion is overwhelming to the point we want to giveContinue reading “The Most Important Two Questions I Ever Asked Myself as a Woman Homesteader”


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In 2014 I returned to rural life after years in corporate HR. Thankfully I have twenty two generations of New World farmers who paved my road and passed down not only practical skills and knowledge, but a deep, deep love of the land based on stewardship and peace. I’m Moriah, and this is the Blog of a Woman Homesteader.

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Moriah and the Flock

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