Meditations on Water

We have been under siege by water the past three weeks here at Serenity Cove. It has come in the form of rain, ice, hail, snow, and flood. I’ve quite a bit of time to think while doing chores about water. Yes, we are surrounded on three sides by water, but the shear amount ofContinue reading “Meditations on Water”

Sheep Anatomy and Biology Basics: External – Shepherding Series Installment Three

I originally planned this month’s Shepherding post to be about the vet supplies to keep on hand. However, as I was writing about the topic it became apparent that the subject needs breaking down. Hence, this week is about the basic anatomy and biology of sheep. This foundational post is meant to give you anContinue reading “Sheep Anatomy and Biology Basics: External – Shepherding Series Installment Three”


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In 2014 I returned to rural life after years in corporate HR. Thankfully I have twenty two generations of New World farmers who paved my road and passed down not only practical skills and knowledge, but a deep, deep love of the land based on stewardship and peace. I’m Moriah, and this is the Blog of a Woman Homesteader.

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