A Traditional Skills Life

This morning I got up and drank coffee. I used sorghum from my friend’s sorghum mill to sweeten it and fresh goat’s milk from my own flock that I pasteurized on the stovetop last night. For breakfast I ate rice with greens from our garden cooked in home made chicken broth with a side of…

Injuries on the Homestead

Several weeks ago my mom’s red heifer got loose. I was in the field trotting after her when I dropped my foot into a hole. I ended up with a moderate sprain and a dislocated bone. It was NOT fun. That is just one of many injuries I’ve sustained on the homestead over the past…

Rounding up Loose Cattle – Surprise Adventure!

I absolutely adore our little Kine of Cattle. However, sometimes they are a handful! Yesterday afternoon was one of those days when the grass was greener on the other side. Profit and June found a loose strand of wire and took off without Asset. He was NOT happy, but he helped me fix the fence.…


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About Me

In 2014 I returned to rural life after years in corporate HR. Thankfully I have twenty two generations of New World farmers who paved my road and passed down not only practical skills and knowledge, but a deep, deep love of the land based on stewardship and peace. I’m Moriah, and this is the Blog of a Woman Homesteader.

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Moriah and the Flock

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