Bloom Where you are Planted – The Platitude I Love and Hate as a Domestic Abuse Survivor

Trigger warning. I will be discussing Domestic Violence and miscarriage due to violence. . To watch the TikTok – follow click here. The first time I heard the phrase “Bloom where you are planted” I was in an abusive marriage. It was my “counselor” who told me that phrase. This was the worst piece ofContinue reading “Bloom Where you are Planted – The Platitude I Love and Hate as a Domestic Abuse Survivor”

What To Plant In a Survival/Victory Garden

This garden will provide the bulk of our food for the year. If you are new to gardening or you are new to growing food for survival in uncertain time then this post is for you. This is how we decide what to grow to feed ourselves.


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In 2014 I returned to rural life after years in corporate HR. Thankfully I have twenty two generations of New World farmers who paved my road and passed down not only practical skills and knowledge, but a deep, deep love of the land based on stewardship and peace. I’m Moriah, and this is the Blog of a Woman Homesteader.

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