Kind Fibers Sheep Sanctuary and Serenity Cove Farm

The name Kind Fibers came about because I take in sheep that need a safe home. I’m also a spinner, weaver, and knitter. I process the wool from raw to shawl. In the process of transforming the wool I also pray for the recipient of the final product as I work. Kind Fibers is the cruelty free wool industry here at my homestead Serenity Cove.

The sheep are an intricate part of the farm’s overall success. The main fertilizer we use in our Market Garden is sheep manure. Their nitrogen rich contributions not only feed me, but they help provide nutrients dense vegetables to my community. These thrown away sheep that others rejected are the cornerstone of Serenity.

The Kind Fibers etsy shop is the main source of income to feed and care for the sanctuary residents. Several have special needs that can cut deeply into the farm budget. Please visit Our Etsy Shop to check out our current wool, yarn, and hand made goods. If you would like to directly contribute to the sheep’s care, please consider a monthly donation subscription. The Monthly Newsletter features an original poem, four weekly devotionals, behind the scene information, a recipe, and four articles relating to animal husbandry and homesteading.